You know how it is when you read a mail order catalog – packaging described as “special” & costing an extra $10 turns out to be a manila envelope with a $1.25 color photocopy from Encyclopedia Britannica glued to it. Either that or “special” reverts back to its euphemistic connotation, as in “fucking retarded packaging.” While it may be momentarily diverting to ponder some half-wit who doesn’t know any better hand-assembling a masterpiece of inept design with the executive touch of a kick-boxer, after about the twentieth fatuous surcharge, the noise enthusiast has a right to demand more, especially since the anti-record scene seems to have utterly passè. If anyone’s going to change the understood implication of “special,” it’s going to be the Nihilist label. A seven inch by Pound of Flesh, it was decided, would be released on clear vinyl in a clear plexi-glass box that had been fabricated with an inside dimension of six & seven-eighths inches across, which means that someone had to saw a sixteenth of an inch off of 300 records just to get them to fit into the god-damned handmade boxes. Now that’s special packaging. It also comes with a color acetate depicting genital inversion diagrams, limb separation & Caspar the Masturbating Ghost in a stained glass style mosaic. Audio-wise it’s a tankard of overchurned noise that alternates between unicyclists trying to play bullhorns á la trained seals, fucked up larvae applying military precision to freeform binge/purge & spiritual whispers of perversity metamorphosing into knockout escalators to the electronic bell tower. Hoo Yeah.

:: Bananafish 1998

   Consumer Alert! I missed seeing Panicsville, a new band featuring members of Pound of Flesh & Fruitcake last week, and honestly was quite sorry I did. So it came as somewhat of a relief & a surprise when I stumbled upon a limited edition LP by them. I immediately paid the cash – it was pretty expensive but I paid it anyway- & trotted home to listen. The sleeve itself was a gorgeous handmade piece of A-R-T. It was obvious that if as much care & thought went into the music inside, this consumer & music aficionado was in for pure delight. The package had a certain lumpy thickness to it, which I interpreted to mean that there were a bunch of goodies stuck inside the sleeve.

So I remove the plastic & slowly pull out the record, & it was BROKEN INTO SIX PIECES. And it was no accident, because they hot-glued the record back together. It’s a record that was intentionally broken, then glued back together. It’s all scratched & beat up. There’s no way it’ll play on anyone’s turntable.* The circular label on the center of the record had one word: “Panicsville!”

The only information at all was on an insert, which contained pictures of the collective having a great time smashing records. The following message was enclosed: “Nihilist Records is proud to present you the consumer, another superior product…An adventure into Noizak. Noizak is a concept developed to deliver the utmost in listening pleasure (or pain). This is not your common experimental noise record. Noizak will draw you in like a warm fire & dazzle you like a thousand cocktail parties. We recommend volume.

:: St.Louis Post Dispatch
July 1996

Hate Track was released as an 8-track cassette, with every copy entirely different! Each copy was recorded live straight into the 8-track recorder over a period of one year. Approximately a mere 30 copies exist of this unique release.

   Panicsville is the name of a noise unit apparently based in or around St.Louis, and they have a compact disc out now on the very respected Austin noise label Nihilist records. Their debut CD (after the glorious first LP) is called Floccinaucinihilipification.* Repeated consultations with brainy co-workers and friends yielded no convincing definition, but the sheer poetic beauty of the title is enough to yield a Top 10 hit. The music? That ain’t music man, it’s NOISE. Literally. Sheer orchestrated noise. The problem? Usually when one says a record is a Noise record, it’s immediately dismissed much like Abstract Expressionism is by the layperson: “ Anybody could do that-all you gotta do is splatter paint on the canvas and call it ART.” It takes work and practice to make successful, interesting noise (I know, it sounds ridiculous, but work with me here). At times Floccinaucinihilipification is gorgeous and exciting, at others it’s tedium times ten, and yes, often it’s loud, brash and utterly unlistenable. One of the highlights is a cut with tons of samples from the legendary Quincy episode (you know, Jack Klugman the coroner) about punk rockers in LA. Quincy on punk rock, circa 1983: “The music I heard is a killer. It’s a killer of hope; it’s a killer of spirit. The music I heard said that life was cheap, and that murder and suicide is OK”. Is Floccinaucinihilipification a great landmark record in the realm of noise? I haven’t the faintest idea. You can toss me a record by Masonna or Merzbow (two of the more recognizable names among the ranks of noise artists) and I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, nor would I be able to offer any insightful criticism. Does Panicsville sound as interesting and textured as Masonna? Yeah sure, I guess. I don’t know. The title,you ask? Floccinaucinihilipification.

:: Randall Roberts
The Riverfront Times
March 19, 1997

*Floccinaucinihilipification – to belittle or demean others.

A solid release, light years ahead of their first CD. The ‘songs’ here consist of mostly harsh analog synth textures filtered through various delays and other effects. One stand-out song, titled “The Continual Will Fuck Up”, is simply a woman making some rather negative statements into a perpetual multi-layered delay loop. A couple tracks are outright vicious attacks on the listener, (these are my favorites); a couple tracks are atmospheric, a couple tracks are hilarious, one or two are just forgettable. The packaging alone is something Mr.Ortmann can be proud of. Two sheets of galvanized steel held together with rubber bands hold the CD and three pictures of school children (circa 1950) facing various hazards of daily existence. From what I understand, and I’ve been known to be wrong, both of the current Panicsville CD releases are intended to be played back in shuffle mode, where the CD player will mix and play two or more tracks simultaneously. My CD player has no such function, but I imagine that is is a really cool way to hear these performances. Recommended to fans of the noise music genre.

:: R. Johnson

Kausing a Kommotion is the name of a remarkable compilation CD that’s been released locally on Andy Ortmann’s Nihilist label. The disc, a tribute to Madonna, stretches the boundaries of tribute albums in that, despite of an insistence in the liner notes that the disc “was executed with the utmost of sincerity to a most inspiring individual, “many of the tributes” are somewhat indecipherable as Madonna songs. Japanese noise sculptor Masonna’s version of “Like a Virgin” sounds absolutely nothing like Madonna’s; on the contrary, it sounds like, uh, pure semi-structured noise. On the other end, though, Women of Sodom’s version of “Like a Prayer” sounds as if it coulda been on Ray of Light.

From punk to electronic, to industrial noise, Kausing a Kommotion is playful and ironic at times, at others furrow-browed in its lofty aspirations and at still other times purely reverential. Most important, it contains, along with a few respected international artists, great St.Louis artists (the best of whom are BlackLight and Panicsville) who don’t get much recognition around these parts, I assume because a) they couldn’t care less whether they’re mentioned in these pages and b) rarely do they perform live, and if they do, they don’t inform us because- see a). Better yet, it’s a wonderful, unique idea in a local climate in which imaginative compilations are not to be found; instead we get boring comps of a dozen bands playing their songs, collections that don’t aspire to anything other than getting into the ears of their fans, and if lucky, winning a slot on Alternessential 5.

:: Randall Roberts
The Riverfront Times

“Is Venerealectric the dumbest band to come out of St. Louis since the Strangulated Beatoffs? Is there any question about it? As in, so dumb it’s kinda brilliant? Do you care? Do you have the foggiest idea as to what I’m talking about? No. you don’t. Only about 25 people in town do. ” -River Front Times, St. Louis 1998


Named in the tradition of vintage electronic bands, Death Squad communes deeply with the tried and true on their Last Stand CD (Nihilist/Menschenfeind) – the impersonally fluttering, between-stations-noise of “Live at Leeds 4/15/00” bedrocks several classic moves: a recontextualization of police dispatch and doomsday religious prophecy; a brutally confrontational abduction performance in which a “psychopath” screams instructions at a woman who could “walk out the fuckin’ door,” as anyone could, if only she would say “my mommy is a fuckin’ whore”; and death threats and instructions to commit suicide yelled through harmonizers and pitchshifters by a fucked-up nutjob who mixes profanity with proclamations of Godhood. A four and-a-half-minute film included on the disc, Fratricide – A Study in Self Destruction originally shot by the U.S. Army when they accidentally blew up friendly targets that one time (the price of doin’ business, Private), reminds us how pussified cable television has become.

A paranoid view of insufferable pain from a hospital bed. Fear never sounded so good, (or hurt so bad). Sterile delivers a heavy dosage of frequency induced hallucinations and nerve shattering waves of electronics. Featuring an exclusive video from the Stabbed in the Face sessions by Chicago underground film-maker, Usama Alshaibi. This is the essential sister album to Imperfection of the Organism (SNSE) packaged in silk screened white vinyl pouches. Are you ready for your shot? This is gonna hurt… Order now!

Andy Ortmann = Panicsville and he is one of the more interesting people of the US noise scene. Unlike many starters Panicsville is no longer concerned with putting a big mess of noise and putting them in an endless stream of sound effects, but rather using electronics, magnetic tape, voices and metal scraps and coming up with a much more delicate, yet noise related sound. This is where collage, industrial music, musique concrete meet up with psychedelic music. His use of echo and reverb over loosely improvised electronics make it much more cosmic and much less into a mindless noise trip. I know it’s probably no ok to say that noise music can be pleasent to hear, but in this case, I can easily state it’s a nice CD with a surprisingly good example of noise music. (FdW)

:: VITAL WEEKLY, The Netherlands
num. 406, wk. 3

For fans of the Ersatz Audio or those who enjoy a good time…Ed.100 Documenting a live show from 2003, (now defunct) Tamion 12″ dishes raw, chewed up beatrocities with sputtering electronics. Keri wails along for the ride, AWESOME. Flipside is the one and only MAGAS! (ex- Couch, Lake of Dracula) Jim is in top form for this show; relentless bass throbs, synth squiggles and of course MAGAS!!! This tape is an instant party! Highly recommended. Dubbed on highest quality chrome cassettes, hand engraved/numbered, housed in hand sewn pink/green pouches.
Also on Nihilist Recordings is a new mini CD by label boss Andy Ortmann who plays four tracks together with John Wiese, who is the man of fame in the world of guitars and noise these days. Ortmann used to call himself Panicsville, but these days wanders around under his own name. One might easily think that this would be the full on noise for some twenty odd minutes, but actually it’s not really much of that. Its music that appeals to loud noise music, but it’s rather a forcefull twist of electro acoustic music than pure noise. The sampled sound of acoustic sounds is set against some nasty frequencies in ‘Last Days For Haas’, but in the three other tracks they present a rather playful collage of sounds, that works quite well. Things even drop to a point when it’s actually ‘quiet’, is that something easy to imagine? This is a mighty fine work. Not too long, not too short. Just fine enough. -Vital Weekly
————————————— When not busy being an awesome radio DJ, Andy Ortmann is busy being an awesome and crazy noise dude. Recently, he took time off from Panicsville to collaborate with fellow noisemeister, John Wiese. Focusing on less harsh tones, as well as dark ambient drones, musique concrete and field recordings, Recorder Out of Tune is a short but incredibly effective EP. I haven’t been so scared of a recording since Lull & Lustmord’s Stalker, and that’s saying a lot. I recommend listening to this album in the dead of night with all the lights off and the volume up. Just be prepared for all the nightmares it will likely induce. —<br?> <br?>Totally weird and harsh collaboration from these two ex-St.Louisans. Collage, electronics, ambient-soundscapes are only the beginning of this monstrous release. This album truly exemplifies the communicative skills from these long time collaborteurs. Essential!
This is a limited edition tour only release, comprised of a 3″ Cd-r, 5″ CD-r, two stickers & 1 button packaged in hand sewn pouches in an edition of 25 hand numbered copies. A handful of copies are remaining at the time of writing this. Track Listing: 3″ CD-r 1.) Faceless Female Feeding Frenzy 5″ CD-r 1.) Rapist Destroyer 2.) Grave Ghoul 3.) Folk Song 4.) Anatomy of a Psychodrama 5.) The Hair Eaters
Hazmat is Anthiny Miller, a man trailed by a mysterious & infamous past. History shows he was also in the Mini-Systems in the late 1990’s as well as the odd electronic moniker MAX CLOUD. Now under the guise of HAZMAT, Miller exemplifies his techniques in electronic noise. Though this release is more a document of phone calls gone awry! Take a peak into twisted minds bent on psychological warfare. This is perhaps the funniset Nihilist release to date. Limited to 50 copies, with color covers & transpareny overlay (all art by Max Cloud).

Debut release from this Chicago trio! Comprised of Seth Sher (COUGHS), Jeremy Fisher (PANICSVILLE), and Alex Barnett (BRENT GAND IS DEAD), Oakeater builds tension of malignant proportions. Dark listening environments for late night forest foraging. Early comparisons yielded BOY DIRT CAR… their first show is included with this release (which incidentally was what bore said comparison). Limited edition of 100 copies with silk screened covers.

Behind the Walls ; Tape Review from MacheteMob Blogspot – “Purportedly a collab between members of Panicsville and Coughs, this tape is a haunted drifting sound track to bad dreams. Unhuman voices speak partially heard nothings, sheets of feed back and physical bass tone swoop down and occasionally pummel the dreamer. There is a wide range of material here, ranging from pounding industrial, to layers of swirling effected blur. Very good. This release reminds me somewhat of the Andy Ortmann “Night Mania” album Nihilist released last year. I always look forward to hearing new Nihilist releases, as they seem to me to be much closer to absurdly disturbing sounds of R&G;, Sudden Infant, Nurse with Wound, etc. then the modern American noise drivel. Rejoice in the purity of emptyness.”

Nihilist is extremely proud to present “Notes of Obscure Origin” by MLEHST. From a history shrouded in mystery, and a back catalog of recordings treading dark and strange territories, Mlehst delivers their finest work here with “Notes of Obscure Origin”. Recorded in 1996, and now 10 years later this ominously eerie album has been unleashed from some dark pit! For those of you unfamiliar with the work of MLEHST, (similiar to early Whitehouse & Nurse With Wound) this is most certainly a definitive example of their greatness. This LP will be a limited edition of 200 copies on 140 gram black vinyl with cover artwork by Andy Ortmann.

Mlehst Notes of Obscure Origin [Nihilist] by Leveer Why so often the fear to leave anything in the dynamic range of a recording, even among those with well trained ears and musical sense? The body can adapt to almost any stimulus, no matter how extreme; it’s not the velocity but rather the acceleration that affects us. When artists can be sparing and thoughtful in their work’s disposition, my interest is always piqued. Again as a direct rebuttal to the dumb-/numbness of so much experimental music, Mlehst could be said to offer a tool to hone our capacities as listeners in Notes of Obscure Origin. That would, of course, not be robustly descriptive of this album, but to my ears that would be an expansion of the praise I could heap on most things I’ve heard. Mlehst combines the strengths of the other two artists I described, the taming of technology to a fleshy end of Maurizio Bianchi, and the choice and severity of the sounds made by that technology demonstrated by Grunt. While either of those is surely a more affecting listen, this is a more intellectual rumination, a sound sculpture more dynamically reimagined.
~Tiny Mix Tapes Top 25 of 2006

Norwegian noise artist inspired by Norwegian Black Metal; delivers some netherworldy ambient soundscapes and various field recordings. Vicious relentless and perverted array of sonic terror. Limited edition of 50 copies.
The latest Nihilist split cassette is betwixt Boston artist M.O.A.C. (Mystic Occult And Ceremony) and Portland artist Power Circus. Although M.O.A.C. is a traditionally trained Pianist, her recordings here are of a computer assisted harsh noise nature, as well as her piano compositions. Power Circus consists of one Lana Guerra, who has recorded under the moniker CTHULU IS SEX, as well as performed/toured with SORIAH (Beta Lactam Ring) and has collaborated live with Panicsville. Her recordings here are a perfect blend of sonic banshee skrees and denigrated electronics. Limited edition of 50 copies, with silk screened covers.
Vital Weekly Review Aug. 2008
There is information on only two of the three releases here, and I think I do know who Thurston Moore is, but Graham Moore? ‘The fine performer, song writer, and writer of folk musicals’? Another problem arises when to detect which side is by whom. Looking at the run out grooves and seeing how the record slips out of the cover, divided by status of the artists, I think Thurston is on side A, and Graham on side B. I might be wrong, judging by the feedback I heard on Graham’s myspace. I am not a detective, bloody hell. The a-side, perhaps the Thurston one, is one piece of harsh noise, going through various stages, the rumble at first and then up the land of feedback. Not exactly music to wake up to, but at least you are awake. The other side is more subtle, more a collage of various noise based sounds, but with more dynamics applied to the various stages of mixing these sounds. The more interesting angle of noise for me. Maybe the artists are switched around – but it wouldn’t change my review of it.A collossal meeting of the Moores! Thurston Moore (Ecstatic Peace label dude and Sonic Youth frontman) goes head to head with Graham Moore (TLASILA, Black Meat and Blossoming Noise label CEO) for a no holds barred noise attack! Thurston delivers a scathing 24 minute opus of gut twisting skin scraping skree. Graham takes a more collage style approach to his side using everything from body belching to a touch of classical avant abstract. Initial pressing of 500 copies of marbled 140 gram vinyl with pro-pressed jackets. Shipping the third week of May.
This is the debut release on Nihilist for M.R. although he has appeared on Panicsville’s “Perverse” & “Sterile” cds, as well as designing the artwork for the Imperfection of the Organism LP (SNSE). M.R. is one of the greatest artists of our time, with hundreds (literally) of unreleased albums. The music herein are some of the best examples of collage, electronics, noise & other uncategorizeable sound work. Why then, you may ask, have I never heard of Michael Roulade before?
Well, I feel that the world has not yet been ready for Roulade or his ideas. The text that adorns the inner J card only exemplifies this point.
You will most assuredly be thrilled with this release, as are we, only to be followed up with a forthcoming 10 C-48 boxset further documenting the cryptic creative output of Michael Roulade.
This release is in an edition of 50 copies!
Absolute vicious brutal electronic assault (with ultra hyper digital twist) from Chicago composer. This is the debut release from Shattered Hymen, surely to shatter your pre-conceived notions as to what is “good” these days, as well as rip your face off. This release is in an edition of 50 copies!

Nihilist is humbled to present as our 50th release, the legendary aktionists Schimpfluch! Who here present a wild array of the most sickening displays or aural terrorism. This deluxe box contains a C-28 of Sudden Infant (Joke Lanz), a C-34 of Dave Phillips and a CD (52 minutes) of Rudolf editing the two cassettes as well as adding his own special sauce to the horrendously fantastic concoction.

This project was finalized at the 20th anniversary of Schimpfluch!
Packaged in handsome fold out vinyl case with multiple full color inserts and cover. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

Nihilist is extremely pleased to be able to announce the CD reissue from the out of print Schimpfluch box released earlier this year. This is one of the sickest recordings from the Schimpfluch Commune, commemorating their 20th anniversary of aktions. Artwork by Rudolf Eb.Er, with the audio being reworking of exclusive material from Joke Lanz and Dave Phillips.

Review from Musique Machine (UK)
Schimpfluch Commune Int. brings together the demented sonic minds of Dave Phillips, Joke Lanz(Sudden Infant) and Rudolf Eb.Er( Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck). To give one of the most deranged, Strange and freakish collection of sound worlds ever committed to audio, this been a reissue of the cdr album that came with their 20th anniversary box set, which is now out of print. On offer is just over 50 minutes of audio madness, sickness and depravity. Used to make up this sick collage world we have all manner of body sounds be it: Burping, Grunts, Vomiting, gurgling, groans, sex sounds etc, Along with Animal sounds like dog barks, baby bird sounds ect. Stirred in are traces of noise, rhythmic, electronic textures, demented fair ground like musically moments and the odd sickened drone. What set’s this apart from other audio demented terrorist is the clever balance between been deranged, musically, entertaining and of course often surprising and shocking. A few favourite moments come in the form of : The opening track Fehlstartprinzip which mixers together looped and circling laughter tracks,comic slapping sounds, merry go round music, shouting and screaming, burping and sick making- all to make a truly deranged opening shot. Pig Buggie(Sau) which mixers the sound of whippings and slapping with sexual moans, cartoon type crash and bang sounds, tinny musical moments and glass tinkering which is both disturbing and funny. But most of the tracks have there appealing moments. It’s all topped off with great Artwork by Rudolf Eb.Er of various human orifices with eyes beeping out from with-in or around the side. A fine example of these three audio artists/perverts conjoined mayhem, that will equally appal, amuse and puzzle.

VITAL WEEKLY (Fraans de Ward)
At the end of 2006 the Swiss label Schimpfluch existed twenty years and thus also the musical activities of Rudolf, erstwhile known as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, but these days also known under his own name. Perhaps it also marked twenty years of Sudden Infant, whose early material was also released on Schimpfluch. Here Sudden Infant, also known as Joke Lanz and team up with their more recent associate Dave Phillips and produced together ‘Schimpfluch-Commune Int.’ Lanz and Phillips provide what is called on the cover ‘elemental recordings and pre-compositions’ and Rudolf with the same as well as ‘allover mutation and final composition’. The three of them collect acoustic sounds, picked up with a contact microphone as well as open microphones their actions and sounds from the mouth, which are they meticulously edited into music. This is noise music plus. Other than a sheer wall of noise, this is collage music, cut and pasted together, through ultra short editing, swift changes and dry sounds. This is not laptop heavy plug in music, if at all made with computers, as I would rather expect these boys to use a splicing block and a demagnetized razor blade to physically cut magnetic tapes, but a rather ‘old fashioned’ electro-acoustic record. A great one at that, actually.

This is the second installment in the Death series from Panicsville. Personnel for this release is Jeremy Fisher & Andy Ortmann. Death II contains a live show from the 2006 UK tour, a studio track of modular synthesizers, a radio performance from the 2005 West Coast tour and a forthcoming compilation track for Animal Disguise. Ultra limited edition of five copies, also packaged with dead animal.
From ARTHUR Magazine March ’08:
Nondor Nevai, by all accounts, should not still be alive. It’s very possible he isn’t. We first caught sight of him on the infamous “free-glam” tour of To Live & Shave In L.A. a few years back. He was a ferocious black metal scum bandit raging way past the band’s set with unbridled drum pounding and sweaty headbanging insanity. He made fellow bandmates Weasel Walter and Misty Martinez appear absolutely docile. All we know is ex-Chicago resident Jim O’Rourke claimed the best band name ever in Chi-town was Nondor’s legendary and infamous Vagiant. So we had hoped to hear Vagiant as a recording session happened but it never was released. As neither was the Aborted Christ Childe LP that Tom Smith was to release. One other Nondor group called Hatewave, again with Weasel Walter, did release a CD and it’s one of the best outsider sick-metal projects out there, though “true” black metal freaks are oblivious to it for reasons of elitism inherent to the genre. But trust us who listen outside the box, It destroys. [The Hatewave cd out on tUMULt records is Weasel’s fault. For my predecessor to this band consult APOP records’ forthcoming Hatewave Demo cd ~NN] Anyway, Nondor is a satanic power metal freak of nature and we just found the compilation of his lost and sundry works as produced by Weasel on the Nihilist label. It’s titled The Best Of Nondor Nevai and it is crushing, hilarious and delivers the damaged goods. Available only on cassette, keeping it out of sight to aboveground ears, it features tracks from the unreleased Vagiant, VVarvolk and Aborted Christ Childe LPs. A lot of Beefheartian voiced ruminations on straight up boner-boy sex with a shot of art history thrown in. Fucking weird and fucking awesome. From the liner notes: “Nevai has manipulated the very fabric of reality to create his work, and as a result, documentation has been scarce. Much of his legend exists thusfar in the domain of oral history and rumors. Equal parts GG Allin, Otto Meuhl, Andy Kaufman, Kim Fowley, Ted Kaczynski, Charles Ives, Gurdjieff and Dennis Hopper. Nevai has fucked with death and survived so many times that we must regard him as superhuman. What you will hear on this release are the ravings of a madman, drunken with lucidity.” ~Weasel Walter
Wild and severe analog modular electronics in the form of a complete maelstrom of sonic fury. Limited to 50 copies packaged with pig ear.
Vital Weekly Aug.08
Matt Waldron’s Irr. App. (Ext) has gained some reputation over the years, not just because of his solo work, but also his membership of Nurse With Wound. In his solo work he plays some rather dark atmospheric pieces of music, which in this new case isn’t that drone based, but still rather subdued. Built from elements of improvisation on instruments we no longer recognize, heavily processed into a nice flowing piece of electronics slowly shifting about. Not a work that is a real surprise, but nevertheless a fine solid Irr.App. (Ext) piece. The Panicsville side shows them in a more improvised mood than a noisy one, which we might be used to with them. Like their main-man Andy Ortmann they too moved away from the strict noise happening in order to grow further and expand the possibilities of doing what is possible with sound. They remind me here of old Nurse With Wound, with scrapings, vague percussion interludes and swirling electronics based on wind instruments. The best thing I heard by them.Over three years in the making! The venerable and exquisite Irr. App. (Ext.) create some of the most intriguing experimental work being produced these days, not to mention the amazing accompanying visual art of Mat Waldron which will make this release an instant classic. Panicsville delve deeper into a place of uncharted plasma coated dreams, to deliver a surrealistic soundtrack for decaying matter.This LP is in an edition of 500 copies pressed on 140 gram marbled vinyl, housed in pro-pressed jackets.
Vital Weekly Aug. 08
Oakeater (very good to see some normally typed flyers for the label with this, other I couldn’t have told it from the record cover), is a ‘trio that is equal parts ritual ambient, black metal, industrial noise and demi-spell casting’, and the members are active in other bands too: Seth plays in Coughs and Panicsville, Jeremy also in Panicksville and Alex is an ex member of Bret Gand Is Dead. They have released a bunch of cassettes so far and this is the first major release. I think the description given by the label covers quite well what is captured on this piece of vinyl. Mumbling esoteric voices, guitars lurk beneath the surface and at the end of side B, there is a minimal pulse groove. In the late 80s we would have called this ‘ambient industrial’ and certainly there can be traces to Contrastate or Illusion Safety – all in that period – and there is a certain undercurrent in this music which is not strictly my cup of tea, that is the ritualistic elements that they throw in, but Oakeater knows how to keep them under control.Dark occult ambient from Chicago’s blackest pit. This being their debut vinyl release, with two amazing side long tracks. Molech, is a bit of spellcasting ritual power, where Prophecy, comprised of only pump organs, creating dense textural soundscapes. Limited to 300 copies on 140 gram black vinyl.Preorder now. Release date December ’07.
Here’s the monumental, long overdue 10 cassette box of the enigmatic Michael Roulade. His recording history began sometime in the mid to late 80’s. It is unclear as to an exact discography, but there are hundreds of recordings in existence, most of ultra limited editions or not released at all. The recordings presented here span years of work which are both dynamic in style and sound sources. Everything from analog synth electronics, tape manipulations, field recordings, noise and power electronics. I cannot emphasize the influence that Roulade has had on my own musical evolution and am thrilled to announce this release. Original artwork by Roulade, design and layout for this release by Ortmann. Released in a limited edition of 10 copies (after artist copies only 7 are available for sale) $100 (this item includes postage)
The very harsh sounds of Last Rape are brought to you from none other than Richard Ramirez (aka Black Leather Jesus, Werewolf Jerusalem, etc.) and friends. This triple cassette box set spans the groups activities from 1994 to 2008. Featuring a reissue of two tracks from “Spit or Swallow” (Chocolate Monk) plus two full cassettes of unreleased material. Here is your dose of unapologetic brutality. Packaged in high quality poly-vinyl cases with full color artwork. Limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies. Packaged in triple cassette poly-vinyl case with full color cover and insert card.
The Nautilus Deconstruction (now defunct) here present two tracks of unreleased works. Archived Aktions from 2001 & 2003 era, recorded in Berlin and Leipzig. Packaged in silk screened industrial plastic sleeves with insert card, hand numbered edition of 50 copies. For more information regarding this project, please vist Tochnit Aleph (see the LINKS tab).
Tiny Music is an acoustic ensemble carefully constructing compositions utilizing a wide range of instrumentation and objects (including: broken glass, clarinet, popsicle sticks, overtone flute, spring motor, trombone, altered harmonica, etc., etc.). They also make mechanical (robot) devices that create unique sounds which are incorporated, if not spotlighted in certain pieces (reminiscent of Luigi Russolo’s “Intonarumori”).
There is a certain old timey charm to Tiny Music, as their live performances find them amongst the trees, down by the river, or other impromptu locations. This cassette marks the debut release by this Chicago quintet, and a fantastic endeavor it is. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
Collaboration of longtime pals, Ortmann & Raglani using primarily modular synthesizers. Weblike alien soundscapes make up this foreboding electronic nightmare. Limited to 100 copies only! Silk screened poly vinyl sleeves.
These recordings are quite plainly the work of a madman, well… two madmen. Joke Lanz (aka Sudden Infant) and Dick Tourette invite you into their Theater of Syndromes where insanity is the dress code. Hyper kinetic is an overlying theme, and acts one through thirteen exemplify sickness in aktion. This is strictly limited to 95 hand numbered copies and comes with one Sudden Infant patch (white ink over black denim) two different designs, harkening back to the Radiorgasm artwork.
Panicsville serves up three tracks of torturous chain pulling and bagpipe war marches to organic analog synthesizer compositions. Their side is rounded out by a remix of AOSUKE (Germany). New cover artwork by A.Ortmann from the original release. As for the flip side, Frankie hails from Detroit and presents a hailstorm of synthesizer frequencies that set the tone for some drug addled violence.
Co-released with Top Quality Rock and Roll. 300 copies pressed on transparent blue vinyl with inserts.
Also has bonus CD-r of artists remixing each others material (99 tracks in all).From Cassette Gods blog from the original cassette release Feb. 4, 2008.
“Panicsville’s “Brain in the Cat” (probably a description of the album cover, which is as disgusting as you might think) could easily stand as an album in itself and is as diverse a work as anything Ortmann has released. “Gates of Hell” begins with a slow ambience but is quickly consumed by off-kilter junk rhythm loops, bagpipes (!) and greasy tape canoodling. “Horsemen’s Club,” “Pregnant At Birth” and the title track follow with similar collage techniques, rarely still but executed with great timing. Ortmann has a hundred methods of creating sound and enough bizarro ideas to match each one. Gurgling analog bubbles, tape decay, disorienting stereo effects, abused samples, harsh circuit-blowing cacophony- it’s all there, like a gearhead’s personal mixtape or a symphony for ADD degenerates. The superb mastering reveals every nauseating detail.”
Very long awaited collaborative record by two gents that need no introduction. This is heavy, this is brutal and it totally hits the spot. Pro-pressed covers on 140 gram black vinyl.
In the spirit of the Industrial 12″ of yesteryear, we have here two forces to be reckoned with.
First off is Nondor Nevai’s Industrial Warmetal duo VVARVOLK ( pronounced ” Warf’k ” ) infamous for punishing live performances consisting of an arsenal of automatic gunfire and munitions samples that punctuate a double-drumkit attack phalanx with sadistik power-violence vocal threats and a confrontational delivery.The flip side finds us in the realm of Fashion Dictator. Relentless dance beats littered with arpeggios and analog synth leads and squiggles. FD pounds out two tracks “Third Reich From The Sun” and “Sadistic Fantasy” (vocal version). Pressed to 200 copies on black 140 gram vinyl, housed in classic DJ jackets.
These two sides of tape collage represent two different moods. Both sides executed by Gaybomb with two magnetic card strip readers used live. From noisy blasts to percussive patterns to meditative loops of spoken word. Andrew Barranca’s first solo full length is made up of 4 second samples of raw, dirty, found, and altered source material.
Future Stars (Dave Janosz) plays a multitude of analog electronic devices to create complex sonic structures. Many of his devices are modified electronics and unknown in origin. This release is only available in digital format, found at the Bandcamp page.

    One can’t help but embrace Rubber-O-Cement’s love affair with the two-dimensional on their split LP with Panicsville (Nihilist). Deciphering the duo’s cardboard computer and ramshackle Witchypoo costuming is hardly a vexing conundrum, although it would be nice if such grammar school thetrics were genuine attempts to deceive the audience into believing that a pair of six-foot-tall third-graders might actually be creating electronic noise at the Clitstop on a school night after 11:30.    Playing Peabody to Rubber-O’s Sherman, Panicsville set the Wayback Machine for the Columbia University of Electronic Music Center, 1953. Among the bachelor pad birdcalls, space jingles, random blips and bleeps (when the computer’s thinking), certain anachronisms are noticeable, such as Andy Ortmann’s familiarity with deep noise (the bifocals and necktie idea of noise being flat, hissy static with no presence). One welcome absence is the insecurity that unless all these gizmos can be trained to blip and bleep “Bicycle Built For Two”, no one’s going to accept electronics as a viable method of commodity production (excuse me, music making).

VITAL WEEKLY (Frans de Ward)
Before better known as Panicsville, but now moving into the realms of serious music (this new release got some sponsoring from arts councils) under his own name. The octa-thing deals with the number eight, and the three pieces here on this DVD (no images) can be played on a 7.1 installation, if you have such a thing. I only have a 2.0 installation, called ‘stereo’, but it sounds great still. Ortmann lists (inconveniently on the DVD itself) a list of instruments – mainly old analogue synthesizers and where he did his field recordings. Just as on the Schimpfluch disc, I’d say this is the small alley where noise is really interesting. Not because it’s super loud, although there are points when things are pretty loud, but because of the fine balance between electronic, noisy sounds and the crackling of highly amplified field recordings which are all put together into an interesting collage of sound. Not like Schimpfluch of short and shorter sounds, but through longer pieces which work quite well. Great stuff, both of these releases and if noise is like this, I’d sign up again.Taking sound to the obvious next level (7.1), further exploring the stereo capabilities of my audio narratives, Octagonist stands unparallelled in the field of Experimental/Musique Concrete. Recorded in various locations in Germany, Belgium, Italy and the USA.
This album is not compatible with CD player technology and must be played through a DVD player or DTS Decoder with Surround Sound options.Special appearances by old skool homeboys, Joe Raglani and John Wiese on one track.
This release was partially funded by a Grant from the City of Chicago.Reviewed by Musique Machine
udio deviate and sonic nightmare maker Andy Ortmann returns with his first new solo release in a while and it finds him doing a first a Musique Concrete/ Noise release in 7.1 surround sound and DVD audio only. And if anyone’s work was fit for this kind of treatment It’s Ortmann’s strange, deranged, sickly sonic worlds. Sadly I only have a standard dvd player linked into the TV, so I sense I missing some of the sonic delights here, but it’s pretty impressive and mind screw/altering as it is. In all there are 3 tracks on the release each given 7. 1 Surround sound and DVD audio treatment. First up we start with the superbly titled Armless Midget of Tienen which starts with strange scuttling/runnig sound that rather brought to mind the demented running around of the killer ventriloquist dummy in Argento’s Deep red. As the track progress Ortmann mixers in; bird song, high pitchers of sound, weird growling and crunching, bubble pitches and sinister electronics- that literally surround you, as all the DVD audio tracks are rightly described in the menu as 3D audio. As the track progresses it become more dragged out and less hectic with perching tones but never losing the feeling of uneasy- it finish just shy of 15 minute mark. Next up Electronic Themes is really as it’s title suggest a collection of sleazy and haunting electronic and synth patterns that swim around your like deformed sonic fish- bringing to my mind the HP Lovecaft story From beyond where a mad doctor creates a machine that can show things and monsters that float around us in a parallel universe. This track comes in just over the 20 minute mark. Lastly there’s Black Battalions of Maggots that users a surrounding and deranged mix of layers of; buzzing fly tones, piercing, ringing and cutting gong like harmonics, drilling, vomiting and noise attacks. A slow sinister and festering starting track that explodes in mayhem- just don’t have the sound too high or you’ll jump a few feet out of your chair when it sinks it teeth in noisy style. Another disturbing, deranged and sick sonic nightmare from Ortmann, not as good as his album Nightmania, but he’s certainly once more effectively pushing your imagination in to the gutter and grime- and this time you can almost taste and see his demented and decaying audio worlds.
Buchla Synthesizer compositions made in November 2014, during a Residency at Evergreen College in the PDX, USA.
Edition of 100 cassettes pro-dubbed on Chrome tape.
The second and uncanny release by ANTHONY JANAS.
“Birthday” satiates the jadest of music aficianodos. A wild
display of modular electronics blended with the human voice.
Edition of 100 copies pro-dubbed on Chrome tape.
“Abstructum is a new project consisting of members Andy Ortmann and Hanna Elliott (Hogg). Their self-titled debut shows the project dabbling in a few different styles, from post-industrial to musique concrète to near sea shanties.” -Musique Machine (UK)
Edition of 100 copies pro-dubbed on Chrome tape.



Raglani / Outer Space split LP (Nihil 67) $10

Psychedelic electronics from Spectrum Spools headmaster John Elliott (Ex-Emeralds) complimented by the contemplative compositions of Raglani. Guest appearance by C Spencer Yeh.




Mama Baer – Asylum Lunaticum LP (Nihil 69) $13

The true sounds of an unhinged mind, unraveling in real time over the course of 2 sides of this record. There is no music here. Apparently used in a “Listening Program” in elementary schools throughout Europe. Very limited Artist Edition copies. 4 available of 11 copies. (handmade collage covers) $45



Various – New Directions In Experimental Music 3 X Cass Box (Nihil 70)

Sold Out! 

A six way split between Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Mixed Band Philanthropist, Mlehst, Andy Ortmann, Irr. App. (Ext.), The Haters. Pro-dubbed on chrome tape, black cassettes. Packaged with color inserts for each associated project.






Alex Barnett – Section 3 C-20 (Nihil 71)

Sold Out!

Part three of his Section series, delivering five tracks of synthesizer driving soundtrack.





Andy Ortmann / Ben Vida – split LP (Nihil 72) $10

A panoramic array of wild electronics from two college buddies. Ortmann plays vintage synthesizers, while Vida helms a contemporary modular system + computer. Edition 250.




Fielded / Alex Barnett split LP (Nihil 73) $15

The lush and dramatic stylings of Fielded meets the chilling synth vibes of Barnett. Cold.



Casual Encounter – s/t C-34 (Nihil 74) $6

A short-lived Chicago duo (husband+wife) debut dark drum machines, dungeon guitars & electronics, draped in whispery mysteries. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed chrome tapes.





Anthony Janas – Simpleton Electronics C-24 (Nihil 75) $8

This cassette is anything but simple. Modular synthesizer + human voice = Wild Ride with Janas as your Captain. Pro-dubbed chrome tapes, Ed. 100 Very few copies remain.



The Buttress – Structural Stabilization Of An Historic Barn C-15 (Nihil 76)

Sold Out!

Electronic Noisician turns Hip-Hoptress. This heavy debut release lays down six tracks composed on an Emu Modular system. Uncompromising. Pro-dub on chrome, ed. 100.



Brett Naucke – The Visitor LP (Nihil 77) $5

Naucke masterfully weaves a world of melodious hauntings littered mangled field recordings into a dreamlike narrative. His first full length vinyl, risograph covers.



Evil Moisture / Panicsville collab LP (Nihil 78) $16

Mindbending 15 year collaboration from these two Junk Titans. One side recorded live in Paris at the Infamous Carousel Festival. Other side meticulously stitched together over the years. Packaged in silk-screened library gatefold jacket. Art by Bolus & Ortmann.


Pod Blotz / Auk Theater split LP (Nihil 79) $10

Two drastic flavors on this slab. Pod Blotz has been cultivating her unique brand of monochromatic aesthetics and commanding electronic performances. Creepy organs, synthesizers & drum machines comprise her side, while Irene Moon’s Auk Theater craft an organic electroacoustic trance meditation for psychic travels. Edition of 300 copies.


Hogg – Bury The Dog Deeper C-33 (Nihil 80)

Sold Out!

Hailing from Chicago, this neo-industrial duo lashes out with an array of drum machines, electrified ripping strings, electronics & mangled processed vocals. Songs of psycho-sexual transgressions for a new dark age. Edition of 100 copies pro-dubbed chrome tapes.


Dissecting Table – Zigoku LP (Nihil 83) $18

“Legendary Japanese industrial project Dissecting Table has a vast and impressive discography. His third album Zigoku, is often cited as one of the best in Japanese industrial history. Combining familiar aspects of Dissecting Table’s pummeling sound with a more sparse and cinematic approach.” Re-mastered here by Ichiro Tsuji from the original masters. Zigoku marks the first re-issue title from Nihilist. Edition of 300 copies.

Ka Baird / Andy Ortmann – Psychic Activation Ritual C-46 (Nihil 87) $8

“Baird (founding member of Spires That In The Sunset Rise) and Ortmann (founder of Nihilist Recordings, and musician in his own right) represents the pair’s first collaboration together. This is a tour de force that harks back to many of the electronic pioneers of the past.” -Musique Machine (UK) Ed. of 100 copies chrome cassettes.


Panicsville – Plays Panicsville C-30 (Nihil 89) $8

“One of the things I like about this release is that it is stylistically all over the place but still cohesive, and it still manages to remain wholly experimental. I think with Ortmann, this is something you come to expect with any release, and it is refreshing. One track contains purloined sources that are spliced and diced while others take on a formal attempt at a foreign exploitation film about Satanism and extraterrestrials that have started a motorcycle cult.” -Heathen Harvest Edition of 50 copies, commemorating 25 years of Panicsville.


Panicsville – Beer Coozy (Nihil 90) $5

A provocative and perplexing can sheath accommodating a wide range of beverages. Limited to an edition of 120 (commemorating 25 years of Panicsville), these handsome sleeves will ship with a download code of Panicsville Plays Panicsville.