400 Lonely Things – s/t LP (bronson unlimited) $5

Aaron Dilloway / Hive Mind collab 1 sided LP (hanson/chondritic) $11

Bad Party – Coming Out Slowly LP (animal disguise) $5

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Penetration Camp split LP (drug-front
productions) $5

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Nihilist Assault Group – Planned Obsolescence LP
(gnarled forest) $10

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Doom Mantra LP (doom mantra) $13

Brainbombs – Obey LP (armageddon) $44

Consumer Electronics – Nobody’s Ugly 12″ (No Fun) $12

C Spencer Yeh – Solo Violin 1-10 LP (tone filth) $12

Dead Machines – The Night Callers LP (blossoming noise) $10

Deathroes – Final Expense LP (no fun/misanthropic agenda) $5

Devil Lock – These Graves LP (tone filth) $7

Due Process (Jason Lescalleet’s) – Combines XIX – XX LP (we break more
reecords) $13

Four Way Anal Touch Fight – Heritage LP (RRR) $6.66

Gerritt – Proof Of Powers LP (misanthropic agenda) $5

Hogg – Carnal Lust & Carnivorous Eating LP (rotted tooth) $20 (pink vinyl)

Kommissar Hjuler / Harrapian Night Recordings split LP (hugo ball) $11

Mama Baer – Bildnerei Die Geisteskranken Vol.1 LP (shamanic trance) $18

Mama Baer – Bildnerei Die Geisteskranken Vol.2 LP (shamanic trance) $15

Mlehst – A Puritan Am I LP (belief recordings) $16

Mlehst – As A Man Thinketh LP (belief recordings) $18

Nautical Almanac / Vertonen split LP (c.i.p.) $13

Nevai / Wolcott – Wipe It Off LP (self released) $10

Pod Blotz – Swamp Command LP (fish pies) $15

Pulse Emitter – Progression to Desolation LP (black horizons) $12

Raglani – Husk 2LP (arbor) $20

Rats With Wings – Aide Memoire 2LP (head worse) $25

Schimpfluch-Gruppe – Paris Aktionen LP (beniffer editions) $20

Sick Llama – Born Again To Die LP (hanson) $12

Sissy Spacek – Sississppsskssissrs (helicopter) $20 white vinyl

Smegma / Sissy Spacek + Kommissar Hjuler & Frau split LP (shmf) $30

Sword Heaven / Lambs Bread split LP (lost treasures of the underworld) $10

V/A Like a Frog in Winter LP + 7″ (hospital productions) $10 Panicsville, Pedestrian Deposit, Prurient, Sewer Election, Bereft, etc.

V/A Fluxus LP (shmf) $35 Andy Ortmann, Maja Ratkje+Lasse Marhaug, Andre Borges, Allan Revich, etc.

Aaron Dilloway + C Spencer Yeh – The Squid CD $9

Andy Ortmann – Occultronics 2 x C-30 (beniffer editions) $20 Silk-screened boxes/inserts

Astro – Astral Orange Sunshine CD (blossoming noise) $9 Psychedelic Electronics from C.C.C.C. member using EMS Synthi

Blind Cave Salamander – s/t CD (blossoming noise) $12 Debut collab from Antony & the Johnsons/Larsen/Guillinkambi

C.C.C.C. – Chaos Is The Cosmos CD (cold spring) $9 Unrelenting Japanese Noise

Coward Electronics – Simpleminded CD-r (freenoise) $4

Daniel Menche – Bleeding Heavens CD (blossoming noise) $10 Organ & trumpet destruction

Dave Phillips – A Collection Of Hair 2CD (hcb) $16.50

Dave Phillips – A Collection Of Curses CD (blossoming noise) $12 Divergent & transgressive psycho sensory soundbytes

Dave Phillips – ? CD (hcb) $12 Member of Schimpfluch-Gruppe (ex-Fear Of God)

Dave Phillips / John Wiese – At A Loss For Words 7″ (blossoming noise) $8

Dissecting Table – Atonalism CD-r (upd) $10 Oversize packaging

Dissecting Table – Presentative Realism CD-r (upd) $9

Dissecting Table – Silence Reigns CD-r (upd) $9

Dissecting Table – Theory Collapse CD-r (upd) $9

G*Park – Seismogramm CD (blossoming noise) $14 Elusive member of Schimpfluch-Gruppe. Reissue of LP from 1990.

Keiji Haino/KK Null – Mamono CD (blossoming noise) $10

Illusion Of Safety – From Nothing To Less CD (complacency) $10

Locrian – Drenched Lands CD (small doses) $8

Merzbow – Anicca CD (cold spring) $7

Merzbow – Zophorus CD (blossoming noise) $9

Merzbow/Sutcliffe Jugend/Satori split CD (cold spring) $6

Moore, Thurston – Flipped Out Bride CD (blossoming noise) $10

The New Blockaders – Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren CD (blossoming noise) $10 Final live document

The New Blockaders/Jim O’Rourke/Thurston Moore – The Voluptuist CD (hospital productions) $10

Prurient – The Black Post Society CD (cold spring) $7

Prurient / Kevin Drumm – All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord CD (hospital productions) $10

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck + Mama Bar – Il Portale CD (blossoming noise) $13 Features Raionbashi & Mai Sau

Skitliv – Amfetimin CD (cold spring) $5 Norwegian Experimental Black Doom

Sleep Research Facility – Nostromo CD (cold spring) $7 Scottish beat-less Dark Ambient

Sudden Infant – Radiorgasm CD (blossoming noise) $13 Reissue of extremely rare 1st Sudden Infant album.

Sudden Infant – Psychotic Einzelkind CD (blossoming noise) $10

Sutcliffe Jugend – This Is The Truth CD (hospital productions) $10

Tomasini / Palumbo – Canes Venatici CD (blossoming noise) $4

The Triple Tree – Ghosts CD (cold spring) $10 Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) + John Murphy (Kraang / SPK / Current 93) Digipack w/booklet homage to M.R. James

Toll – Christ Knows CD (cold spring) $10 Reissue of 1986 Broken Flag LP ex-Ramleh

Val Denham & Oli Novadnieks – Raw Powder CD (blossoming noise) $10 Collaborators of Hafler Trio, Coil, Marc Almond, TG, etc.

Velehentor – From The Gloom Of Graves CD (smersh) $10 Russian Death Industrial

Wiese, John – Black Magic Pond CD (blossoming noise) $9

XEX- Group CD (smack shire) $10 Reissue of seminal 1980 minimal synth LP + 6 unreleased demo tracks

XX Committee – Network CD (impulsv stetoskopu) $10 Reissue from rare 1983 album. Industrial band founded in 1980 by two philosophy majors at the University of Pittsburgh.

Zbigniew Karkowski + Damion Romero – 9 Before 9 CD (blossoming noise) $10

Zeni Geva – Maximum Money Monster CD (cold spring) $9 Reissue of Heavy 1990 album.


2673/Unicorn split CD (kitty play) $3

Akitsa – Goetie CD (hospital productions) $12

Akitsa – Sang Nordique CD (hospital productions) $12

Amps For Christ / Bastard Noise split CD (helicopter) $4

Andy Ortmann – Quadraphilia 2 X CD-r (eric schmid editions) $15

Aurora Plastics Co. – Low Noise CD (bobby j) $3

Black Leather Jesus – United States Of Persuasion CD (freak animal) $10

Black Leather Jesus – Yes, Sir (Filth Play) CD $8

Black Pus – All My Relations CD (thrill jockey) $8

Bladh, Martin – Dirge (The Peter Sotos Files) CD (freak animal) $10

Bradbury – Instant Oblivion CD (dual plover) $2

Cisfinitum – Bezdna CD (monochrome vision) $8 (Russian analog synthesizers)

Club Moral – Instruments Of Attraction 10″ (No Basement Is Deep Enough) $35

Cock E.S.P. – Hurts So Good: Remix CD 99 tracks (v/vm) $7

Contradiction s/t CD andy ortmann + weasel walter (breathmint) $8

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe/ERG/MSBR – Geosynclines CD (flenix) $10

Dead Machines/Scientific Explanation of Despair – split CD-r (kitty play) $6.50

Dominator – Back For More CD (bad vibrations) $10

Evan Parker / John Wiese – C-section CD (second layer) $10

Extreme Noise Terror / Cock E.S.P. split 5″ vinyl (little mafia) $18

Fecalove – Aesthetics CD-r (knife in the toaster) $7

Fire In The Head / Burn Ward – Tour 2006 CD-r $8

Fire In The Head / Richard Ramirez – split CD-r (audio immolation) $7.25

Folkstorm – Sweden (cold spring) $8

Gerritt – Space Level Blaze CD (misanthropic agenda) $3

Gerritt & John Wiese – The Disappearing Act CD (misanthropic agenda) $4

GX Juppitter Larsen + Allan Zane – Banjax Artist Edition Pt.1 CD/silk screened bag/signed 95/100 (somnimage) $22

Hair Police – Drawn Dead CD (hanson) $10

Heavy Seals – Jazz Bust CD (troniks) $3

Immaculate Grotesque – Circles CD (truculent) $4

Incapacitants – Pariah Tapes 5 X CD box (freak animal) $100

Irr.App.(Ext.) / At Jennie Richie – Night Wearing Feathers 3″CD-r (psychform) $30

Jason Crumer – Walk With Me CD (misanthropic agenda) $6.66

John Wiese – Arrhythmia Wave Burst And Panner Crash 3″CD (helicopter) $5

John Wiese + Daniel Menche – Behold The Scathing Light 3″CD (helicopter) $5

John Wiese – Magical Crystal Blah Vol.2 CD (helicopter) $5 (remixes by RLW, KK Null, Panicsville, Raionbashi, Joe Colley, Damion Romero, Zbigniew Karkowski, etc.)

Katchmare – Ghost Frequency CD-r (scissor death) $5

Kevin Blechdom – Live at PBS CD (dual plover) $8

KK Null – Prime Radiant CD (blossoming noise) $6.25

Kriegsfall-U s/t CD (cold spring) $11

LHD – Limbs Of The Fawn CD (misanthropic agenda) $7

LHD – Young and Restless CD (blossoming noise) $3

Man Is The Bastard+Unicorn – s/t CD (thumbprint press) $13

M.B. – Symphony For A Genocide CD $20

Merzbow – Bariken CD (blossoming noise) $10

Merzbow – Frog CD + Enhanced CD (misanthropic agenda) $22

Merzbow – Frog Remix 2xCD (misanthropic agenda) $6 Hvartski, Pita, SunnO))), Russell Haswell, Hecker, Fennesz, Boris, John Wiese, etc.

Merzbow & John Wiese – Multiplication CD (misanthropic agenda) $7

Phroq – The Hazards Of Sound CD-r (tanzprocesz) $10

Panicsville – A Dragonfly For Each Corpse LP+7″ (smeraldina-rima) $20

Panicsville – Perverse enhanced-CD (liquid death) $10

Prurient – Black Vase CD (load) $13

Prurient – The History Of Aids CD (armageddon/hospital productions) $20

Prurient – Troubled Sleep CD (truculent) $18

Prurient + Hotogisu – Like A Snail On A Razor CD (hospital productions) $7

Ramleh – Valediction CD (second layer) $10

Rudolf Eb.er – 23 brutal-hummoroid dramas by… CD (tochnit aleph) $9

RYKE – Resuscitation CD (blossoming noise) $10 Collaborative work started in 1998 between R.H.Y. Yau and Kazumoto Endo (Killer Bug).

Sissy Spacek – s/t CD (troniks) $10

Sissy Spacek – French Record CD (dual plover) $10

Sissy Spacek – Glass CD (misanthropic agenda) $10

Sissy Spacek – Remote Whale Control CD (misanthropic agenda) $13

SKM-ETR – The Rugged Meat Cleaver CD (eibon records) $10

Skullflower – Malediction (second layer) $10

Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum – Grand Opening and Closing (seeland) $10

Sounds Of The Indian Snake Charmer – CD (hanson) $9

Steel Hook Prosthesis/Mörkermännen – Inhuman Torment split CD-r (blunt object) $10

Streicher – War Without End CD (cold spring) $12

Terrorstate/Glacier – Intruder CD-R silk screen pouch ed.1/100 (ritual document) $8

TV Pow – Powerful Friends and Devoted Lovers 2CD remix album (bottrop-boy) $10

Vomgrill – Biflinstrum CDr (audiobot) $14 (denis tyfus project)

Wounded Head – Music For Assholes CD (bastardised) $9

Xyphoid Dementia – Rehearsals For Extinct Sonorities DVD-r (existence establishment) $18

Zaimph – Sexual Infinity CD (hospital productions) $4

Z’EV – Live 05.14.93 3″CD (c.i.p.) $9

V/A 2 Turds and a Golfball CD (hollow bunny) $7 Feat: Anal Cunt, Big City Orchestra, Happy Flowers, The Haters, Sockeye, etc.

V/A – Bhreus Kormo CD (c.i.p.) $8 feat: Irr.App.(Ext.), John Wiese, Skin Crime, Coeurl, Seafoam, Brutum Fulmen, Negative Entropy, Vertonen, Bran (another plight of medics)

V/A – Celestial Insect 2xCD (doctsect) $5 feat: Luasa Raelon, J.Frede, Tu M’, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Brain, Liquid Sphere, Abstruse, Immaculate Grotesque, Nitrous Flesh, etc.

V/A – Crosswalk (To benefit victim’s of priestly sexual abuse) CD (catacomb) $3 feat: Panicsville, Detholz, Healthy White Baby, The Aluminum Group, Canasta, etc.

V/A – Delirious Music For Delirious People CD $8 feat: Bene Gesserit, Irene Moon, Boyd Rice & Friends, Zola Jesus, Rancid Hell Spawn, Jarboe, Pharmakon, Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet, Controlled Bleeding, Vapid Apparition, etc.

V/A – Eleven Notes In Black (mask of the slave) $5 feat: Werewolf Jerusalem, T.E.F., Concrete Violin, Forced Orgasm, White Nurse Black Death, etc.

V/A Kevin Blechdom + AD Hawk/Sick Fick and MC Dodgy Sexist 7″ (dual plover) $5

V/A  – Health Program CD (boyarm) $3 feat: Panicsville, Lesser, Noiseman 433, XL9000, Bombadier, Mothboy, etc.

V/A – Labyrinths & Jokes CD (hanson) $10 feat: Nautical Almanac, Ron Of Japan, Isis and Werewolves, Andrew WK, The Mini-Systems, Beast People

V/A – LA Noisescape CD (bastardised) $6 feat: Pedestrian Deposit, John Wiese, AMK, Damion Romero, Rick Potts, Indian Jewelry, GX Jupitter Larsen, Moth Drakula, etc.

V/A – Like Music To Their Ears CD (mechanoise labs) $5 feat: Government Alpha, Control, Angel Of Decay, Navicon Torture Technologies “Extreme Electronics Comp)

V/A – Loud::Quiet 2xCD $14 (box media) $Feat: MSBR, Pita, Stilluppsteypa, Voice Crack, TV Pow, Kazumoto Endo, Kapotte Muziek, etc.

V/A – Million Tongues festival CD (bastet) $6 Feat: Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Panicsville, MV Carbon, Für Saxa, Simon Finn, LSD March, Kawabata Makoto, Josephine Foster, etc.

V/A – Noise Transmission CD (deafborn) $7 feat: Mörder Machine w/Atrax Morgue, Cazzodio, Irikarah, Rectal Surgery

V/A – Sasquatch I CD (an eel records) $5 feat: Kazumoto Endo, KK Null, Jaap Blonk, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Sandy Ewen, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Richard Ramirez, etc.

V/A – Sasquatch II CD (an eel records) $5 feat: Crank Sturgeon, Kenny Millions, Kazumoto Endo, Andy Ortmann, Dylan Nyoukis, Jaap Blonk, etc.

V/A – Scumfuck Revolt: GG Allin trib.CD (husk) $5 feat: GG Allin, Panicsville, Cadaver In Drag, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Josh Lay, etc.

V/A – Sonic Protest 2006 CD $8 Feat: Prurient, Hair Police, Panicsville, The Skaters, Volcano The Bear, Viki, Don Caballero, etc.

V/A – String Of Artifacts 2xCD (fish pies) $8 feat: Solid Eye, Sun City Girls, Panicsville, Metalux, Pod Blotz, Nautical Almanac, Caroliner Rainbow, Wolf4 Eyes, Masonic Youth, etc.

This page is the current Distro List as of 3/29/2018.