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Full Version: PAIA 2700/4700 Modular System & Schematics/Manuals/Notes
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Here's some of my Archived Files on the Paia 2700/4700 system

PAIA 2700/4700 Modular System
This PAIA Modular System was purchased in parts from the trunk of a Cadillac Hearse in DOA condition for $100. The synthesizer had one case partially completed and came with various unopened modules sealed in the original marked manilla envelopes from PAIA in the 1970's. Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb passed this on for Boone from 13mg who just had it hiding in a storage space for over 10 years until I was able salvaging the system from him. 21 one days later, the system was functionally recording. It was missing some modules plus had a custom made PAIA ping pong stereo panning module. This was my first modular system constructed and as originally intended inspires electronic experiments for creating new synthesis circuits. Now after about 14+ months of searching for parts, One more VCO has been installed bring the total number at 6 4720s thus completing the second road case! FYI: PAIA 2700/4700 is ideal for expansion with Korg MS & Yamaha CS hertz/volts synthesizers. This web page is for documentation, modification, & experimentation providing other PAIA modular owners with technical information regarding all of the modules from the 2700/4700 series.

[Image: swpaia1.JPG]

[Image: swpaia4.JPG]
[Image: swpaia5.JPG]
[Image: swpaia6.JPG]
[Image: swpaia7.JPG]
[Image: swpaia8.JPG]
[Image: swpaia9.JPG]
[Image: swpaia10.JPG]
Documentation & Schematics Updated links while ago... have everything backed up on local machine.... send me message if need anything

BTW Calibration on that system is a bitch...
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