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Full Version: Small rant about nerfed (artificially weakened) engines
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Small rant about nerfed (artificially weakened) engines

Technically synth related, as the engines I'm upset about are doing synthesis, modeling acoustic and electric pianos. Both the Korg Grandstage, and the Yamaha CP module, have some great sounding, but MUCh less featured/customizable versions of engines that they have in other hardware they make or have made. Yamahas older CP line , including the CP1, 4, and 5, allowed for editing of a good number of parameters. Their new CP module does NOT. Now, I get, most people dont need the customizability, but Yamaha already has great samples, why make the module with the modeling engine and leave out the parameters? Or at least make a deluxe module that does and costs a bit more? Ans Korg has done the same. Their $2400 Grandstage is using the modeling engine from the Kronos, but again with hardly any editing of the sound, instead just having presets. Its one thing to not clutter the interface, fair enough, but the engine is NOT accessible at all! Truth is i do like Korgs sound a lot, but they are asking a lot of money for an inferior keybed and just presets.

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