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MOTU Timepiece II/MIDI sequencing & routing question - SynthWizard - 11-25-2021

MOTU Timepiece II/MIDI sequencing & routing question

<!-- SC_OFF --><div class="md"><p>Basically what I am trying to do is use both my two hardware sequencers and my computer's MIDI interface to control my MIDI instruments and effects. I've been doing this successfully with Merge boxes and daisy chains but I'm starting to notice some quite substantial lag in places, as is to be expected when using 2 mergers and a daisy chain consisting of a total of 9 different devices!</p> <p>I've found a guy selling an old MOTU Timepiece II from 1992 for dirt cheap, about £200 less than I'd have to pay for a MOTU Express XT. Although designed to be used with old Macs, they can also be used as standalone patchbays.</p> <p>Does anyone have any experience with these things? I am wondering if it's possible to route multiple MIDI inputs to control my instruments, kind of like this:</p> <p>MIDI INPUT 1 (QY700): Controlling MIDI outputs 1-5 (for sequencing &amp; general MIDI messages)<br/> MIDI INPUT 2 (Octatrack): Controlling MIDI outputs 4 &amp; 5 (for step-sequencing 2 synths)<br/> MIDI INPUT 3 (Interface): Controlling MIDI outputs 3 (for using a PC based editor to program and control a Yamaha TX81Z)</p> <p>Basic patchbay stuff I suppose, but I cannot find any form of manual or documentation about this unit anywhere online and I'm afraid to buy the thing and come to realise you can only route 1 input to 1 output.</p> <p>Apologies for the verbosity, any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p> </div><!-- SC_ON --> submitted by <a href="https://www.reddit.com/user/robblestains"> /u/robblestains </a> <br/> <span><a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers/comments/r1hqj8/motu_timepiece_iimidi_sequencing_routing_question/">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers/comments/r1hqj8/motu_timepiece_iimidi_sequencing_routing_question/">[comments]</a></span>