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René Classic and Mutable Edges - Issues with QCV
René Classic and Mutable Edges - Issues with QCV

I've asked about this in the past, but even months down the line I haven't managed to find a solution to this.

I have a René classic, and obviously often use the Quantized CV output. For whatever reason, I have issues when running Edges using the QCV output.

First of all, I have the internal quantizer disabled in Edges when doing these tests, there is no conflict going on there.

Edges is calibrated and seems to work absolutely fine. When going into the v/oct using the Keystep, a basic voltage from maths, a voltage from Quadratt, a quantized voltage from Disting, or the standard CV output from René, it behaves exactly as you would expect. It's a clean tone with no issues.

However, when using René's QCV output, I get some insane modulation and instability.

To start with, I have a -/+5v source going into edges, and I sweep it. Just to prove that it seems fine and can generate a clean tone.
I then plug the QCV output of René into edges, and you can hear the distortion as it starts getting higher.
I then swap that to the normal CV output of René, and you can hear it's clean.
I then swap it backwards and forwards a few times, and you can hear that the CV out is fine, whereas the QCV out is terrible.

As you can hear, it's not exactly good.

Both modules are connected to the same busboard, are in the same case, and share ground. If I use a buffered mult and put it into both Plaits and Edges, Plaits is absolutely fine. If I put it through Maths channel 2/3, it's still bad. If I put it through Quadratt, it's still bad.

The only way I've figured out how to fix it is to totally decouple it with Maths channel 1/4 with rise and fall zeroed. I'm assuming this is because Maths is generating a new voltage for the output rather than attenuating the original one.

Honestly, I'm totally stumped. It's only René's QCV output, and it's only with Edges.

Does anyone have René and Edges to test, and does anyone have any ideas?


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