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Welcome to the wonderful world of magical electronic muse machines....... We conjure, create, and reanimate vintage modern sacred circuitry. SynthWizards provide the electronic musician community with enchanted treasures & resources from ancients to ubertek!


SynthWizards have true wealth of electronics expertise. We specialise in the repair plus useful modifications of analog synthesizers in addition also regularly operating on digital units from the 80s onwards, as well as related items such as drum machines, sequencers and even ampfliers, mixers and stomp boxes!


Every synthesizer has it's own persona, charms, and energy. This is why they become such cherished instruments. We help revitalize them so they sing and scream even if this requires replacing every old leaky capacitor or bad component so the circuits are even better than when coming out of the factory. If your pride and joy is an analog or digital synthesizer from the 70s, 80s or 90s and beyond, then you will be aware just how difficult it can be to find someone competent, willing and available to fix them should problems develop. We work our magic for getting the right result with solving any strange problems! At SynthWizards, we make it our business to keep vintage circuits functioning optimal adding the longevity required for recording & perfoming.

Evoking Magic Sounds


Sometimes solutions are easy, sometimes not. SynthWizards are frequently customers best solution, when they have tried everything else but with no result. Drawing on a strong electronics and diagnostics background, we can troubleshoot most problems and we're fairly certain in saying that if we can't fix it, no-one can without waiting on requiring some extreme obscure component. Of course, there are quick wins too, but we always throw in a basic healthcheck at the same time, just so you have the reassurance that your synth is good for another few years!

Electronic Devices for Sale

Our current inventory

We offer you the chance for owning many music machines from our studio & workshop including custom made and vintage devices! Our ever evolving inventory include some rare gems that you possibly need! SynthWizards are now in the research & development process for manufacturing our own line of synthesis modules plus effects. Projects are ever evolving at exponential rate now so keep checking for new information updates!

Online Synth Sales


We offer many of our vintage, restored, and or custom modified synths for sale. We ship the synths primarily in the United States and Canada although almost any location can be acceptable provided adequate payment for ensuring safe delivery. Our prices are based on recent going prices, rarity, condition, and/or how much we want to keep the synth. If you do buy a synth from us, it will be given a routine check-up immediately before it is handed over to you to insure maximum stability and dependability. We do our very best extensively documenting each and every item for sale. For any synths, we will record a video demonstrating the various functions of the synths current condition before shipping.

Electronics Wizardry

Full Service Technical Facility

We offer repairs, modifications, plus the creation of or own synthesis circuitry! Replication based on classic designs offering more functionality than the originals motivates our designs. Synthwizards are always expanding the potentials of the cosmic electricity! Accurate and intuitive trouble shooting abilities with circuitry in combination with our vast library of schematics, make us masters of the Art!

Engineering & Mastering

We have vast expertise in all aspects of the recording process. True creativity is always the foremost key in producing the magic golden sound. You will be astonished!

For those who need our mastering enhancements, SynthWizards operate a secure FTP server for remote file transfer. This FTP server allows clients who can't physically attend the session, to instantly and securely send files to SynthWizards. From your studio to our server and back, file delivery has never been more convenient! Contact SynthWizards for more information for uploading your audio file now.

Synthwizards Mastering delivers this by offering state of the art audio equipment, the latest in mastering software and upgrades, decades of mastering expertise and two newly designed mastering studios. Mastering is the last creative stage in the production of a record. It is essential for making that leap from what you mundanely hear to something you vividly visualize in your minds eye for imprinting deep impressions. Mastering is a chance to benefit from expert experience to create an engaging and dynamic record. This is time to even out the inaccuracies of your mix that you may not have heard before to maximise space, clarity, quality, and spectrum. With our sonically accurate analog and digital equipment and unsurpassed talents, your recording will have unparalleled production and power.

Cassette Tape & CD Duplication

SynthWizards A+ pro gear for high quality and reliability

High quality, low cost audio cassette duplication, CD duplication, music demos and studio services. We use OTARI professional stereo super high speed duplication machines for achieving optimal production results. Final mastering utilizing our system can also be performed for giving your recording the golden vibe! Printing & Packaging services are also optional. Inquire regarding current project rates and availablity!

Research & Development

SynthWizards Software becoming Hardware!

Evolving from years of elaborate experiments programming sound designer software we are now proceeding for the next level involving the creation, fabrication, and production of our own custom synthesizer and audio processing components. We are currently designing circuity for Eurorack modular standard plus some extremely limited signed and numbered ARP styled modular box types. Keep posted on further website news and forthcoming documentation videos for project updates! Synthwizards are currently constructing our new +12/-12 based complete modular systems including video synthesis components.

Synthesis (SYNTH) (from the ancient Greek "with" and "placing") refers to a combination of two or more entities that together form something new; alternately, it refers to the creating of something by artificial means. The corresponding verb, to synthesize (or synthesise), means to make or form a synthesis.


Wizard (WYZRD) n 1. a person who practises or professes to practise magic or sorcery 2. a person who is outstandingly clever in some specified field; expert 3. a wise man 4. computing a computer program that guides a user through a complex task adj 5. informal chiefly superb; outstanding 6. of or relating to a wizard or wizardry [ variant of wissard, from wise 1 + -ard ] 'wizardly adj wizard c.1440, "philosopher, sage," from M.E. wys "wise" (see wise (adj.)) ard. zynyste "magic," zynys "sorcerer," zyne "witch," all from zinoti "to know." The ground sense is perhaps "to know the future." "wise magical power!"

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