Sonic Engineering Wizards

We have vast expertise in all aspects of the recording process. True creativity is always the foremost key in producing the magic golden sound. You will be astonished!

For those who need our mastering enhancements, SynthWizards operate a secure FTP server for remote file transfer. This FTP server allows clients who can’t physically attend the session, to instantly and securely send files to From your studio to our server and back, file delivery has never been more convenient!

SynthWizards Mastering delivers this by offering state of the art audio equipment, high quality mastering/multitrack software/hardware, decades of mastering expertise and two newly designed mastering studios. Mastering is the last creative stage in the production of a record. It is essential for making that leap from what you mundanely hear to something you vividly visualize in your minds eye for imprinting deep impressions. Mastering is a chance to benefit from expert experience to create an engaging and dynamic record. This is time to even out the inaccuracies of your mix that you may not have heard before to maximise space, clarity, quality, and spectrum. With our sonically accurate analog and digital equipment and unsurpassed talents, your recording will have unparalleled production and power.

Contact: for uploading your “Audiophiles” now.

Studio & Processing Gear

  • Aphex 109 Parametric EQ
  • Aphex 108 Easy Rider Compressor
  • BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer
  • DBX 166 compressor “modifed” original made in USA
  • AB International 2×15 stereo EQ
  • Lexicon LXP1
  • Lexicon LXP5 x2
  • Lexicon LXP15 “modified” type II
  • Digitech DSP 256XL
  • JL Cooper PPS-100 SMPTE/MIDI Syncronizer
  • KORG SD200 Signal Delay “modified”
  • Digitech RDS 7.6 Time Machine
  • Digitech RDS 3.6 Time Machine
  • Yamaha SPX90
  • Multivox MDX5 Analog Delay/Spring Reverb
  • MTI Echo Machine Tape Delay
  • Univox EC80a “Echo Chamber” tape delay “modified”
  • Korg MS20 1977 original Korg35 chip ext processing
  • Korg MS2000B Vocoding
  • Access Virus B Vocoding
  • Real Tube 12ax7 2 channel Preamp “modified”
  • Protools 8×8 Rack
  • M-Audio Delta 8×8 Rack
  • Tascam M-1516 Mixer
  • Otari MX5050 MarkIII Reel to Reel 8 track 1/2″ tape
  • Fostex R8 Reel to Reel 8 track
  • Tascam 488 tape 8 track
  • Roland VS880EX Digital 8 tracks x2 synced for 16 tracks
  • Fostex Xr-5 tape 4 track
  • TEAC A3000 Reel to Reel Stereo Mastering 1/4″ tape
  • Otari & Telex Stereo Tape Duplicators
  • Alesis ADAT type II a/d d/a lightpiped 8×8 interface
  • Spectral Audio Studio Computer
  • Protools/Cubase/LMMS/Wavelab
  • & much more in our arsenal of GEAR/FX

Cassette Tape Duplication

SynthWizards A+ pro gear for high quality and reliability

High quality, low cost audio cassette duplication and studio services. We use OTARI professional stereo super high speed duplication machines for achieving optimal production results. Final mastering utilizing our system can also be performed for giving your recording the golden vibe! Printing & Packaging services are also optional. Inquire regarding current project rates and availablity!


Electronics Wizardry

Full Service Technical Facility


We offer repairs, modifications, plus the creation of or own synthesis circuitry! Replication based on classic designs offering more functionality than the originals motivates our designs. Synthwizards are always expanding the potentials of the cosmic electricity! Accurate and intuitive trouble shooting abilities with circuitry in combination with our vast library of schematics, make us masters of the Art!

Initial Discussions & CD Referencing

Choosing the right track to begin the mastering session is EXTREMELY important. TheĀ  rest of the session will hinge around the first master, and therefore it is necessary to pick a song with the right kinds of elements, whatever they might be.

“Often a track intended for release as a single is the most important thing on the album, so that is a good starting point,” but I’ve done albums before where I’ve thought I’d picked a representative track, and had built everything to fit around it, only to find out halfway through the session that a different track would have been a better choice. On those rare occasions I’ve had to go back and rework everything in relation to the new track.”


Otari MX5050 MarkIII Analog 1/2″ Tape Mix/Master Ability