Germanium Transistor Guide for Fuzz Pedals … ullard.htm
or score classic Germanium for fuzz such as OC44 OC71 AC128
also check this Germaniun Transistor list:
OC44 …
First generation HF transistors, still in Black Glass housing.
Their maximum frequency remains limited, but they are not much leaky.
They equipped the historic Rangemasters. Still topical in building clones.
Avoid false maneuvers because they only supports 10mA collector current !

AF114, 115, 116, 117, 118…
First European transistors for FM radio.
Deprecated in pedals, because very sensitive to static electricity.

SFT115 à 120, SFT316…
Other radio-frequency models… SFT 316 has low leakage current.

AF124, 125, 126, 127, 128…
Second generation of radiofrequency transistors. More efficient and reliable.
Widely used around 1990/2000 in Fuzz clones and neo-vintage boosters.
Russian models :

Quality models, bizarrely relatively few quoted on the forums.
They benefit from the technological longevity of germanium in the USSR, which has made it possible to improve the reliability and to envisage a good reproducibility in production.

Moderate gain. (≤80)

ГT313A, П416A… Very reliable, but gain ≤ 60. One have better to look for a higher gain.
ГT308Б, ГT309A ou B… idem, in subminiature metal case.
ГT313Б, 320Б… Reliable and musical, the gain ≤ 80 is just sufficient in many cases.

Medium gain. (60-120)

ГT308B, ГT320B…
Accurate and reliable, without any particular coloring effect on sound.
Work good in high fidelity preamps or boosters.

ГT309Б, E…
A welcome high-midrange hue when used in treble boosters or vintage fuzz.

П403A, П416Б…
Clear tone, with slight dynamic compression. Good musicality in boosters.

ГT311Б*, И*…
Good NPN radio frequency models. Rare.


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