Lexicon LXP 15 Upgrades

It seems ironic that it took over six million years of evolution for man to do with technology what nature managed to do perfectly well with just a few large rocks! Reverberation is simply the result of sound bouncing back and forth between reflective surfaces, but trying to duplicate the effect, substituting thin slices of silicon for big chunks of stone, is no simple task. Though Lexicon would be the first to admit that even they haven’t quite caught up with nature, they’re still the undisputed big name in artificial reverberation, and the LXP15 II is their latest product.

The new unit appears to be based on the original LXP15, but with the addition of new effect algorithms, so though the hardware may be familiar, when it comes to sound, much of what you hear is brand new. The LXP15 II is a multi-effects processor but its processing power is directed towards quality rather than quantity, so don’t expect to be able to string a dozen or more effects together in one patch. As you might expect, the main aim of the unit is to provide high-quality, versatile reverb treatments, and a high proportion of the 128 factory presets are studio reverb settings. The remaining patches rely mainly on modulated or unmodulated delays and pitch shifting, often in combination with reverb. Extensive real-time MIDI and footpedal/switch control is offered over various effects parameters, and some of the algorithms allow parameters to be linked to the envelope of the incoming signal to provide effects such as ducked reverb.

Some multi-effects units can be quite challenging if you want to use them to their fullest extent, Lexicon’s own PCM80 being just one example, but the LXP15 II is designed to be very straightforward to use. There are hidden depths to explore, especially if you want to make the most of the MIDI facilities, but in the main, you can get just about anything you want out of this unit after just a few minutes’ exploration.

Buying an LXP-15 II at the prices they sell for today is a legal crime. You practically will be stealing the best bang-for-the-buck effects processor available when you buy it.

You don’t have to buy an inferior MPX-series box for just a few dollars less, and you don’t have to buy a PCM-series box for many hundreds of dollars more. The LXP-15 II is all the deep Lexicon beauty you expect at the same price point as a rinky-dink pedal reverb, and it still will smoke the pedals that cost twice as much. It sounds complex but it’s easy to get around, and it provides cool Lexicon tricks like smooth glide delays (for great modulation effects) and infinite reverbs. They literally don’t make ’em like this anymore. Every formal review of it that I’ve seen was positive.

If you want gorgeous ambient effects and have the space to accommodate it, put your guitar through the LXP – any thought of a reverb pedal will evaporate instantly.

Burr Brown Opamp Upgrades: By the way, pcm54kp should be a direct better DAC replacement for the 1-5 and 15 and reduce the noise floor

LXP 15 Version 2 EPROM: DOWNLOAD file resourced by sutekina bipu-on via MUFFWIGGLER

Now get busy upgrading your Lexicon LXP!


LXP Series Service Manuals

Click to display the Lexicon LXP-15 Patch - Editor
Patch – Editor

Lexicon LXP-15 Editor and Librarian

for Windows and Macintosh

Sound Quest’s Midi Quest multi-instrument editor/librarian gives you the tools to get the most from your Lexicon LXP-15. Midi Quest includes all of the standard features you would expect to find in a LXP-15 Editor and Librarian along with unique capabilities found nowhere else.

MIDI Quest Pro, Midi Quest and Midi Quest Essentials allow you to manage the following SysEx data from the LXP-15: Patch Bank and Patch.

Integrate the LXP-15 with your DAW and use it the same way as a soft-synth or run the editor as a separate application connected to your LXP-15. You can display, edit, tweak, organize, audition, archive and manage your LXP-15 from the focal point of your studio. Midi Quest offers the widest selection of editor/librarian plug-in technologies: VST, AU, MFX, and Studio Connections.

Just as a VST or AU plug-in is loaded by a host, the Lexicon LXP-15 Editor and Librarian is designed as a module. This module runs in all three versions of Midi Quest: Midi Quest Essentials, Midi Quest, and Midi Quest Pro. Every version of Midi Quest includes complete Editor and Librarian support for the LXP-15. The more advanced versions of Midi Quest include additional features such as plug-in capabilities, patch generators, and advanced tools to manage larger MIDI systems and patch collections.

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