Lexicon LXP-5 Editor

A cross-platform editor for the Lexicon LXP-5 effects processor written in Python.
Getting Started

To start the editor, run python main.py. Then select your midi interface and the midi channel of your LXP-5 in the lower left of the editor.

Python 3
rtmidi python package
PyQt3 python package
Qt 4 Designer (optional)


Install Python 3, the python-rtmidi package and the PyQt3 python package.
Editing the GUI design

To make edits to the GUI design install Qt 4 designer, open design.ui, make your edits and save design.ui. The updated design is then built with:

pyuic4 design.ui -o design.py
Currently Supported Features

The current version supports editing all delay parameters, pitch parameters, reverb parameters, equalization parameters, and level parameters on the LXP-5. Parameters of the current patch are changed through parameter adjust sysex commands sent to the LXP-5 over MIDI. Extra abilities such as assigning midi clock destinations will be added in upcoming versions.

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