Panzer SVF Filter Tank

Eye designed this Dual multimode SVF (State Variable Filter) VST recently
whilst doing some experiments & subsequent virtual tests
preparing for building same basic thing in hardware
with 2xSteiner Parker Synthacon SVF filters
using this creation on most everything now
because it turned out Awesome for my purposes
especially with samples, synths, noise, & percussive beats tracks
made input do the ms20 ESP trick
for injecting CV from f/c audio input into the Filters frequency
also introduced “circuit ground bleed” with resonance cranked
plus added some gain distortion on all the filter outputs
kicks increasing when FM(Frequency Modulation) is at 8 and above
Obviously it’s based on the “Sherman Filter Bank” manuals
thus why it’s named “Panzer Filter Tank”
Stereo or Mono operation as insert
LFO is BPM sync with host from 32b to 1/32
now the final Mark IV non prototype version
sounds/responds like analog VCF circuit
with “optional” wild overdriven self oscillations
Extreme Noise Maker
works wunderbar for me smile

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