Speak&Spell-New Circuit Bending Modifications-CV input

the old S&S completely rebuilt for noise/experimental
saved green wiring from my first bend on that machine
rewired… rebuilt… expanded… now has 18 controls…
(used 1loop/hold bend from the Reed Gazala book… everything else is my own custom bends)
today added attenuated CV input for modular sources(LFO/Noise/Sequencer CV)
triggering glitches on external timebase
(not the points from anywhere online considering none of them worked on this pcb design)
working like a charm with 3.5mm modular
recorded about 3-4+ hours of source during this overhaul process
could add internal LFO yet running out of space in the case….
so will create some 9v modular utility box for use with that machine
almost never crashes now plus it can auto-generate variable glitches for hours
using specific settings combinations
mission accomplished and performs way beyond original expectations
added added 2xleds… LED1 for power LED2 reacts for in circuit gain/distortion level peak & external CV
(LED2 can be used in the future for gate/trigger output jack)
added 1/4″ output instrument jack from ARP Quadra PCB
that old S&S is officially an instrument now
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