SynthWizards AOE64 Sequencer

Eye needed revisiting/skinning/reworking one of my “Ancient” sequencer projects recently. The way old glitchy clock method has been completely rebuilt. Multiple LFO’s have been added with Matrix routing for empowering “generating self sequencing” variance capabilities. LFO’s can be injected for automating Octaves, BPM Divisions, Sequence Flow directions, Quantizer Scale/root note, LFO1 Wafeform, & Start/Stop positions. This “Super Charges” the AOE64 sequencing itself for generating new compositions. Options were also added for LFOs including negative voltages or only rectified +voltages. The SynthWizards AOE64 also has BPM Host Sync LFOs. The BPM Sync main clock can also be operated as free running clock.  The AOE64 is being currently used for composing elaborate experimental sequences driving SynthWizards GREIGN Nekromancer, Nekrofile, & fine tuned for external Hardware Samplers plus Modular Synthesis.

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