SynthWizards ARPPEGIOX

SynthWizards ARPPEGIOX is the Evolution of the rather basic Arppegedon MIDI VST. ARPPEGIOX features BPM sync Divion clocked multimode Arppegiator function Up, Down, Up+Down, Down+Up, Up+Down2, Down+Up2, 2 BPM Sync Multiwave LFOs, that can modulate pitch. octaves , & arp type mode for BPM sync automation. LFO2 also features randomizer sample hold modultion. These function give instant ability for manual & self generating arppegio pattern variants based up live input or piano roll midi sequences. SynthWizards ARPPEGIOX is used with Hardware synths, modulars. samplers, & also performs & tested with driving other VST instruments.

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