SynthWizards XenoMorphicResonator VST

XenoMorphic Resonator VST features 2x complex morphing oscillators each using custom banks of 32 Wavetables/Transwaves/Samples created in AudioTerm. Extreme modulation capabilities from 8 LFOs 2 Envelope Generators, Randomizer Sample Hold, plus 24 types of Ring Modulation. XMR Scans Wavetables with BPM sync LFOs. This Sound Design Tool also “spins” through selecting sounds or utilizes “Kaos” function for selecting random sounds using BPM sync. “XMR” also features dual SVF Multimode Filters that self resonate. My original concept was merely creating something that would play back wave files created in AudioTerm yet the vicious “Alien” emerged for orchestrating sinister SCIFI/Horror sounds. Time for making up some new custom banks for XMR in AudioTerm!

Revised Version now with rebuilt Index Modulation Wavetable Engines!

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