DigiDesign Sample Cell “Nubus”

Getting ancient Digidesign SampleCell working with ProTools on Nubus Mac
why the fuck would eye do that?
hmm where exactly did this sample cell card get used for years making records?
“Chicago Trax”
yo dawg waz dat???!
ended up with it when nubus was decommissioned(eye was given samplecell)
plus bags of ram and other nubus cards including the proto protools system(sound accelerator)
maybe some of you can comprehend why eye would even be obsessing on such a project
turns my Mac 7100(G3 upgraded) machine into visual editor hardware sampler via midi
plus want using it with vintage samplers because nothing modern really compares
yet that machine has no SCSI CDrom & need installing software/extensions
probably need booting up 8600av for using so can make floppies between machines
what a pain jumping through hoops
hmm how the fuck did eye used to do this….
ummm oh yeah
appletalk network & external SCSI raid
looks like time for power up the old 8600av in studio
grabbing “warez” from the Mac Repository eye recently discovered
that place is AWESOME!!!

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