SynthWizards GREIGN VST

My recent experiment for the past 3 days
so…. did some brainstorming…
plus R&D on granular synthesis
mentally dissected “clouds” module
circuit flowchart
thus with much experimentation plus overcoming obstacles via trial & error method
this is the result
Eye wanted something that created Ganular “clouds” in realtime
GREIGN has 4x Granulators
utilizing & expanding/evolving methods that Eye devised when redesigning NekroFile
This is used in conjunction with KaodMidiFire “KMF” generating psuedo randomized MIDI
creating 4 banks of clouds from audio input
some extreme modulating capabilities with 4 LFOs
plus added ability shuffling through the clouds
using BPM Sync LFO div from 16measures to 1/16th range
plus wide range free running LFO
Time for Recording
GREIGN graduates from ALPHA

Major Revision1: added pan/autopan for each cloud… added External MIDI control of ADSR for each cloud with separate Volume controls… Added secondary ADSR for modulating clouds….drastic buffer Size increase… added global pitch rate & size controls for clouds


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