Alesis MMT-8 modifications

The MMT-8 was the quintessential 80’s sequencer—they were everywhere back then. The best sequencer ever built for live performance, you could do song remixes on the fly live by muting each instrument track on or off while playing, as well as a lot of really easy editing.


It’s main drawback was its small memory—realistically only about 10 songs could be stored in it before filling up the memory. I have developed a 16x memory expansion for it!

Alesis MMT-8 sequencer
16x memory expansion mod

This modification expands the sequence memory by 16 times the original memory. Just like the original memory, the expanded memory retains all your sequences and songs even when you switch it off.

The only limitation of this memory expansion is that each of the 16 memory spaces are isolated from each other, so you can’t use part 5 from memory space 1 and part 6 from memory space 2 and put them into a song in memory space 3. You create your songs in one memory and fill it, then switch to the next memory bank and start there etc.


There were 2 basic variants of the MMT8—the grey cased version, and the black cased version. Make sure you download the guide for your particular version—the guides are slightly different for the 2 variants

Download the Grey MMT8 memory expansion guide here
Download the Black MMT8 memory expansion guide here
DC/Batteries power mod

This modification enables you to run the MMT8 from a DC 12V power pack, which is much more

common and available than the AC 9V power pack that normally powers the MMT8. It also then

enables you to run it off rechargeable AA batteries!

NOTE – this mod is only for the grey cased MMT8s – it won’t work for the black cased ones.

Download the DC/Batteries power mod here
To download the guides, right click on the below links and select “save target as”
To download the guide, right click on the link and select “save target as”
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