Radius VideoVision

Eye found the old Nubus card and breakoutbox for rebuilding Radius VideoVision Broadcast System
not that need it for video anymore yet figure may as well use the extra audio/video i/o with 442 system
have all the drivers and software on active working SCSI hard drives

Set the Wayback machine for the mid 1990’s and read this! Radius VideoVision Telecast SP ™ Nubus running Radius Edit™ oN a Apple 7100/80 with a FWB SCSI Jackhammer™, Blue ICE™ and Sonnet Crescendo™ CPU accelerator cards.

Within the Radius Telecast setup, you would be able to edit your video projects right on the desktop with professional results! Gone were the days of trying to cut your film with white, cotton Mickey Mouse gloves on a Steenbeck® flatbed editor and splicing it together with Scotch or splicing tape or, paying exuberant cost for your negative and answer print of you’re film!

A VideoVision Telecast was a professional video editing, production station in a box as long as you already had an Apple 7100/80 (later the Apple 9600/350 series machine with PCI-Bus architecture) or, Radius 81/110 (Mac clone) with plenty of RAM, an FWB Jackhammer SCSI card and a couple of StudioArrays for storage. The software included with the Telecast was Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects (Adobe just acquired AE from CoSA at the time), VideoFusion and my favorite editing tool of choice even over Media Composer, Radius Edit! You would then just connect a Sony Betcam SP or S-Video deck to the dedicated computer and you’re off to spin some serious video sorcery!

Reflecting on this, I remember that I was one of the more popular filmmakers on my block simply because I owned (I now own two) a Radius VideoVison SP Telecast ™ system. Everybody that came to me was some sort of budding filmmaker, crawling out of the woodwork, just itching to get their movie projects on to and edited on this thing, the fact that you could now edit your film right on the desktop in a stable work environment got me chopping at the bit to be a filmmaker!

Yes, Avid® did get to the market first, in the mid eighties within the desktop environment. Fully integrating their 1000XL, Media Composer® system with an Apple Macintosh® computer but, who could afford the astronomical price tag $70,000.00? Funny that’s the same price that the Red One Dragon™ camera would cost you these days with all the accessories and a decent set of glass!

I don’t think I mentioned that I run my Radius on OS 9, oh yeah! Also, I have the latest and last seed package ever to roll out of Digital Origin for the Telecast before the company went belly-up. If you by chance are still running a Radius VideoVision Telecast™ on a Nubus or PCI based system and need some support to get it up and running on OS 9, I can shoot you my extensions and control panels list as well as my working setup. Also, I have Nubus and PCI drivers for Radius, FWB JackHammer™, SledgeHammer™ products as well.

If you’ve ever been to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California then, you can fully appreciate this. In the bowels of Fantasy there are many ancient Apple computer systems that run older OS’s and software primarily used for reading older audio, sound and movie files.

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